Saturday, November 28, 2009


We took Griffin to get his hair cut this morning then decided to take him to see Santa at the mall. We only went to our neighborhood Santa last year because he was so young. We opted for the mall Santa this year.

After his new do! Handsome.

Poor Griffin was not a big fan of Santa.

Really not a fan!
This is the picture we ended up with! :)

Chuckie Cheese!

Yesterday we took Griffin to Chuckie Cheese for the first time. We didn't really know what to expect seeing as the last time we went was as kids ourselves. There was too much for him to do at this age, but we still had fun!

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is a little late, but happy thanksgiving everyone! We spent the day as a family, just the three of us. We went to the park in the morning, let Griffin nap, then had Thanksgiving dinner. We opted to have a turkey-less turkey day. My roasting pan is in storage, so we had honey baked ham (Ryan's favorite). I have to say everything was delicious.

Our sweet little boy

One of my favorite things to do on Thanksgiving is to decorate the tree. But, seeing as we are in our temporary housing, we decided not to put anything up. Well, some how Griffin's Christmas tree ended up in our condo, so we put it up. Poor thing! Looks pitiful with no ornaments and angel. Oh well! At least it is a little bit of Christmas spirit. :) I can't wait to decorate our new house next year!
We have so much to be thankful in our lives.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

16 Months

Griffin is officially 16 months old today. I can not believe how time flies! I feel like I just posted his 15 month update. Some things about him at this age....

-He is very affectionate (which I love). He will give you hugs and kisses. He also gives some of his favorite toys kisses. "Tiss" as he says. He also gives the girls hugs at Little Gym.

-He is a talker. Everyone is so impressed with all the words that he knows.

-He is a wiggle worm. He likes to be on the move. Is not a big fan of sitting still, but what boy or toddler is.

-He is so funny. His little personality comes out more and more each day. He continues to crack me up.

-He is not a big fan of not getting his way. He has started to scream when things don't go his way. Guess that is just part of this stage...

-He is a great sleeper (knock on wood). He sleeps from about 7:30pm-7am and naps once for about 2-3 hours.

-When it comes to eating, he is a meat and potatoes man. I offer him vegetables and fruit at almost every meal in hopes that one day he will scarf them down. Any suggestions on how to get this to work??

-He loves books. He warms up to anyone who will read to him. This is about the only time you can get him to sit still (until he gets up to find another book).

-He continues to amaze us everyday.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sesame Street LIVE!

We took Griffin to see Sesame Street Live this afternoon. We weren't quite sure what to expect and how Griffin would do seeing as this is our first kiddie show. Some of the girls in my MOPS group were telling me about it, so I said we have to go! When I bought the tickets, I just chose best available, well, in little ole Albuquerque, that meant 3rd ROW! I kid you not. We were up in the action! He loved it, especially Elmo and Oscar.

The show was about an hour and a half and Griffin did great up until intermission. After we had to go back to our seats, he was ready to get down and run around. We did make it through the whole show. It was so cool to see this with our son and can't wait to take him to the next one.

About to leave for the show!

Taking it all in....

The Beals Family

Little Ansley was enjoying the show as well. She was kicking up a storm! Guess she is getting excited for next year. :)

Griffin's New Ride

Nanny and Pa wanted to get Griffin this cool little car for Christmas, but since we live far away they decided to just send us the money and we would go buy it for him. Well, Toys R US had it on sale this week and Nanny and Pa wanted us to go ahead and buy it and let him start playing with it. Well, he LOVES it.

Drinking and Driving :)
Thanks Nanny and Pa! He loves it!

Grandpa's Visit

Grandpa (Ryan's dad) came to visit this weekend. We had so much fun. The last time he saw Griffin he was not walking or talking, so he was in for a treat! Griffin had such a great time hanging out with him.

Ryan and Richard rode to the top of the mountain one day. Griffin and I opted to stay home. This was the only picture Ryan took, pretty cool though.

We drove up to Santa Fe. I had never been, so it was so cool to see this part of the state. We saw the oldest house in the US.

The oldest church in the US.

We also just enjoyed hanging out at home.

Griffin loved Grandpa's hat.

We had such a great time. Thanks for visiting!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mowing the Carpet

We got Griffin a bubble mower for his birthday and took it out of the box about two months ago. It was just when he started walking and he was getting very frustrated trying to steer it. He would run it into the wall and just scream. So, we put it up for another day. We just got it back out and he loves it! He pushes it around all day.

Looking like a true man with his shirt off!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Girl....COUSIN!

For those of you that don't know, Ryan's sister, Lindsay is pregnant too. We originally we given the exact same due dates! March 28th. However, when she went for her last ultrasound, they pushed her forward a week. So, now we are a week apart! This will be their first child.

They found out on Friday that they are having a little GIRL!! We are just too excited. Especially to have two little girls so close together. It will be so much fun for them when they get older.

Poor Griffin, he will still be surrounded by girls! My cousin has two daughters, my sister's daughter, a soon to be little sister and now another girl cousin! I am sure he won't mind bossing them around. :) Maybe one day he will get a partner in crime!

Congrats Chris and Lindsay! We can't wait to meet her!

Grandma's Visit

Grandma Nyna (Ryan's mom) came out to visit us this weekend. We had so much fun. Griffin just loves spending time with her and wearing her out. :) Nyna let us go on two dates when she was here. We went to dinner on night and to an afternoon movie another day.

Griffin hamming it up from Grandma

Our attempt at a family photo...

Riding the merry go round with Grandma

He sure does love strolling with her!

It actually snowed for about 10 minutes this morning. It was gone in about 2 minutes.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Under Contract!

We are under contract for our new house! We had been waiting on a short sale that we liked and this is the same floor plan that just came on the market and we got it! We have the inspection today, so say a little prayer that we don't find anything major. The house looks like it is in great condition, but you never know. We hope to move in as soon as possible as the home is vacant. My mom is doing our loan, so she is doing everything she can to get it pushed through quickly. We hope to be in before Christmas.

We love it and can't wait to finally be settled!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

Animal Sounds

We have been practicing animal sounds with Griffin lately and he catches on pretty quick. He knows lion, monkey, dog and snake. Check him out!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

20 weeks

We hit 20 weeks today! Half way there!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Playtime with Dada

Griffin and Ryan went to the mall this morning while I had my sewing lesson. The mall has this rubber room area with play stuff for kids. Ryan taught him how to slide down by himself. So cute!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Our baby girl...

We went in for our nuchal follow up this morning. It is just routine that you do a follow up visit to make sure the baby is developing properly. She looks great and is developing right on schedule. Looks healthy as can be! We also confirmed once again that we are definitely having a girl!

The 3D images can be a little scary, especially since it is so early. But, I thought this one was cool because you could see all her little fingers.

Since Griffin is pretty outgoing, we may have a shy little girl. She saying- no pictures please! This one is cool, you can see her arm, legs, ear and little butt! Don't you just want to pinch it! =)

On another exciting note, we decided what we are going to name her!
Ansley Elizabeth Beals
Ansley just cause we like it. It was actually going to be Griffin's name if he was a girl. Elizabeth sounds good with it and it is my cousin's daughters middle name. I have my cousins middle name, so it is sort of runs in the family. :)
I kept having dreams of having a baby named Ansley, so we figure it is meant to be.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treating

We had an absolute blast trick or treating. We went over to Kari's house, which is my friend Jill's sister in law. We had dinner then hit the streets. Everyone was so welcoming and we ended up having about 7 kids in our group. Griffin did great. He was a hit. We were always the last to leave a house because everyone want to see the little puppy dog.

Here he is right before we left. The barrel thing around his neck did not last too long.

We brought the car to push him from house to house. It was perfect!

Our little family

First house!

Holidays are so much fun to see through a childs eyes. I just love it! He had fun this year, but I can only imagine the excitement when we go next year. Plus, he will have a little sister to steal candy from! :)