Sunday, November 28, 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010

Mr. Toodles

Santa's Little Helper, Mr. Toodles, came by this morning to keep an eye on Griffin and Ansley until Christmas. He reports back to Santa on if they have been good boys and girls. This morning he was on top of the TV stand. Who knows where he will be tomorrow????

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Yall! Sorry, I am a day late! we enjoyed a very low key turkey day with our little family. We cooked all afternoon and finally sat down for dinner at 4pm. We had turkey, dressing, green beans, squash casserole, mashed potatoes and deviled eggs. I am so thankful for my family!

Our Funky Bird (thanks Aunt Holly for the recipe!)

We also put up Griffin's Christmas tree in his room.
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

It's great to be 8

Our little angel is 8 months old today! She is such a smiley sweet girl.

Some things about Missy Missy at this age:
-She much prefers solid foods. Some of her favorites are cheerios, carrots, celery, pizza, mac and cheese, lasagna, peaches, blueberries, bananas.
-She still is not crawling, but will get on her hands and knees and rock back and forth. I assume it will happen pretty soon.
-She is starting to make more sounds. We hear the "g" sound most, but have been hearing a few "d's" lately. I am sure dada will come soon.
-She still LOVES her big bro and he loves her.
-She is such a flirt!
-She still only has two teeth.
-She was sleeping pretty well at night and then went through a rough spell, now (knock on wood) she is doing better. She sleeps from 7pm-7/7:30am.
-She has only been taking one nap a day for the last week. It is a long (at least 3 hours) afternoon nap at the same time as Griffin's. Maybe she has broke herself of a morning nap already? Maybe it is just a phase?

She is such a sweet little girl and we are so blessed to have her in our lives!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Gabby's Birthday

We went to the aquarium yesterday for Gabby's 2nd birthday. Although the Albuquerque aquarium is pretty puney, we had a nice time.

The Princess
Griffin, Ben and Gabby
Beals Babes

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Disney On Ice

Last night we went to see Disney on Ice! Griffy was so excited to see "Ickey Mouse!" We got seats in the suite (thank you Fox's) and it couldn't have been better! Ryan and Ansley stayed for a little bit, but since the show started at 7pm (which is A's bedtime) they parted ways with us a little early.

Griff got an awesome spin toy

She was actually watching pretty intensely for a while.
The Beals BunchBest seat in the house...Daddy's arms!
Notice his new haircut! It was long overdue! Mr. Stud Muffin!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fire Station Visit

We had a fire station visit with Moms Club today. It was so cool! I was so excited to take Griffy! He had a blast, even though he was not on his best behavior! There was too much new stuff for him to listen to the fireman talk. Little Ansley had fun too!

Our group. G landed the prime spot!

I had to co-pilot the firetruck with Griff.
He was scared to drive solo!

Pretty much what Ansley did the whole time!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jill"s Baby Shower

I threw a baby shower for my friend Jill on Saturday night. She requested that it be a Halloween themed shower, so I took the idea and had fun with it! This is Jill's third baby, she has a boy and a girl, so she wanted to do something a little different.

The battery on my camera died so I only got a few shots!

All the guests! Costumes were required.

Griffy had to be in the pic
The spread
We had potato soup and I put the "fixings" in the pumpkins

Everyone LOVED my ghost strawberries
Me and my babes before they went out to eat with Daddy.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween-The Sequel

Below are the pics from Moira's camera!

Cozy Cheerleader
Let me in this now!!