Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Ryan had to go to Hawaii again for work last week and I got to join him! My mom came out to watch the kids (bless her heart!) for the 6 days we were gone!! We stayed at the Waikiki Banyon in Honolulu. It was about a 2 blocks from the beach. Ryan had to work everyday, so I spent my days laying out at the beach or pool and walking around. I did get to have dinner with him every night, so that was nice. I really enjoyed having some time to myself. As you moms know (especially stay at home moms), time to your self is limited and it usually only lasts a couple hours at most. It was awesome to have nothing to do, except become best friends with my kindle. I read an entire book (Gods in Alabama, which was fabulous) in 2 days! Who does that??? Someone without kids and anything to do! :)


I got my toes in the water....Ass in the sand (well, my chair was in the sand)
Me and my man at Lulu's for dinner
Headed to dinner at Alan Wong's (one of the best restaurants in Honolulu)
Headed to dinner at Wolfgang's Steakhouse

Beautiful Waikiki Sunset

On our last day, Friday, Ryan only had a quick meeting in the morning and then I got him for the rest of the day! We had to check out at noon and then had a red eye 9:30pm flight. So...we rented a jeep for half a day and explored the other side of Oahu.

Kaneoha...the water was so beautiful and it was so chill! There were probably only 20 people on the beach as far as you could see.

Before we checked out of the hotel, we hung out on Waikiki for a bit.

Kaneoha again...doesn't this look like a screen saver

As we were dropping of the jeep at the airport, we see this. A perfect way to end our trip!
I had such a wonderful time and definitely came back refreshed! I sure did miss my babies though! Thanks again to Nana for taking such good care of them.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Portland- Part 3

Lindsay, Chris and Ginny left early Thursday morning, so we hung out with Papa for the next few days on our own (we left Saturday).

Coloring with Papa

The BEST picture of my favorite little man!!

We had lunch with Ryan's friend Jon, his wife Wendy and baby Courtney.

We relaxed

Three Generations of Beals Boys

We had such a fun visit!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Portland- Part 2

We went to the Oregon Zoo on Wednesday of our trip. We had a wonderful time; the kids love the zoo! We also played at home after, fed the llamas again and had a little cake.

Ansley and her cake!

On the way to feed the llamas

We really enjoyed our time at the Portland Zoo...

Griff looking in the little pond

Trying out the tree truck slide

Giddy Up!

Aunt Lindsay and Ginny on slide


Petting the sheep

Watching the polar bear

Uncle Chris, Papa and Griffin playing us a little tune!

Ginny and Ansley in their ride

Portland- Part 1

The second half of our trip, we spent in Portland with Papa. We all (Lindsay, Chris, Ginny, Ryan, Griffin, Ansley and I) stayed at his house. It was so fun!

Papa has a garden in his back yard. Griffin (the kid who doesn't care for most veggies) was eating everything!

Including lettuce! He refuse salad from me! :)

They had fun on Papa's tractor

We fed the llamas. His neighbors have a few.Mr. Llama

Uncle Chris

Uncle Travis (Ryan's BFF) came to visit us too.

Papa hauling the girls