Friday, December 28, 2012


We took the kiddos bowling yesterday.  It was super fun, as always, and basically had the place to ourselves. 
Miss Priss doing some coloring

STRIKE on his first roll!!

Ryan kicked our butts the first game

Ansley decided to try a little bowling on the 2nd game

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


We had a wonderful Christmas this year.  Santa was very good to everyone!! 
On Christmas Eve we let the kids open one present

Milk and Cookies for Santa

Christmas morning Ansley was up at 5:30!!  Luckily when she came down stairs, she did not even notice all the loot.  We waited about an hour, then sent Ansley up to wake up Griffin.  ;) 
All the Santa goodies.  Ansley asked him for Barbies and Griffin asked for a Spiderman costume

He brought them a play house for outside

Poor G is still trying to wake up in this pic

Happiest girl in the world!!

We also had another surprise, about noon it started to snow!!  We were not sure if it would stick or not.

Our first attempt to go out lasted about 5 minutes

A white Christmas!!  I can honestly say this was my first!!

It kept snowing until about 5pm, so we headed out after Christmas dinner

G kept saying, this is the best Christmas ever!!

What a FUN Christmas!!!  I hope yours was Merry and Bright!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Monday, December 24, 2012

North Pole Express

After 24 hours on medicine, Griffin assured us he was well enough to go on the Polar Express.  So, we figured what the heck.  He didn't have a fever and was acting better.  This train that we went on is actually known as the North Pole Express.  It is in Grapevine, about 20 minutes away. 
Before we left the house. 

We had an early dinner at a yummy tex-mex restaurant

We rode a little tractor ride

We saw the tallest Santa

They loved this polar bear guy

Our little family

They had a tricycle play area which was a hit

Prior to boarding the train, we watched a little Christmas play/musical.  We ended up with front row seats.   Ansley LOVED it.

It even "snowed" (aka foam bubbles)

Mrs. Clause even stopped in for a visit

The main man!!  (my camera died right as Santa sat down!!!  Good thing for iphones!)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

No such luck......

Our poor little boy has the flu AND strep throat!!  BOO to that mom who brought her kid to school KNOWING he had both!!!  (I am a little mad)
He is on an antibiotic for the strep and tamflu for the flu.  Ansley, Ryan and I are on a preventative dose of tamflu(40 bucks each!! but much better than being sick).  Say a little prayer we all don't end up with strep and that our little guy feels better.
Hoping he feels up to the Polar Express tomorrow. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Program and Party

This morning we had Griffin's Christmas program and party at his school.  We were super excited to see what he has been working hard on. 

 We brought Santa hat brownies for snack
Cutest Shepard I have ever seen!!

He is in the bottom right

Ansley LOVED all the singing

He is in the bottom right
Santa was even there for a visit.  Ansley quickly hopped in his lap and told him all about the Barbies she wants.
After the program, we went back to his classroom for snack and fun

Each student brought a wrapped Christmas book and they played musical chairs for the books.

Our little competitive boy won!!  ;)

After that, they did a little cookie decorating

Then the Main Man came by the classroom to see all of Ms. Marsha's class

Griffin's class (minus 5 classmates)

4 kids are out SICK, with fevers and strep!!  NOOOO!!!!  I really really hope we avoid it but I doubt it.