Sunday, September 30, 2012

Breakfast and Bowling

Yesterday, Griffin was supposed to have a tball game, but it got rained out about 20 minutes before we were about to walk out the door.  So, since we were all dressed, ready with no place to go, we decided to go out for breakfast and bowling. 
We had breakfast at a local place called Ham and Eggs, they had Mickey Mouse pancakes.  The kids LOVED it.

Then we decided to give bowling a try, Texas style. The place was PACKED, at 9:30am nonetheless!  They only had one lane open, and we took it.  G had a blast

Ansley enjoyed doing a little coloring
I beat Ryan by 2 pins on the first game

He smoked me the second! 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Photo Friday

It doesn't get much cuter than this people!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Under Contract

We are under contract on a home in Texas!  We actually have been for a few weeks, but wanted to make sure the inspection went smoothly before posting anything about it. 

This is the third home we put an offer on, the 1st we lost to another buyer because they wanted a later closing date (this was before the whole apartment thing, so we wanted them out in 30 days so we didnt have to move twice).  The second, we retracted our offer during negotiations.  We just didn't feel like it was the "one."  The third is THE house.  We LOVE everything about it.  It is perfect for us.  It is funny how things work out.  We are set to close on Novemeber 8th.  I am super pumped to be able to spend the holidays in our very own home!  I will keep yall posted. 

Isn't it purdy???  :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ft Worth Zoo

Today we ventured to Ft Worth to visit their zoo.  It was really fun.  Although, it was a bit confusing to navigate through.  I much prefer places that have a flow.  Regardless, we had a great time.
These two were planning our route

Ansley's favorites...the "Tang-a-roos"

In case you can't tell, those are penguins in the background

We stumbled upon a little show.  The kids really enjoyed it.

We took the train back to the entrance. 

And look who we found...Winnie!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dallas Aquarium

We decided to hit up the Dallas Aquarium this morning.  We had every intention of going to the zoo, but weather did not permit.  It turns out that the Dallas Aquarium is much like a zoo.  I bet we saw more animals/birds than we did fish.  That was ok with us, we had a great time.  It was laid out very well, easy to follow the flow.  My camera was on the verge of dying, so I only snapped a few pictures. 

Ansley feeding a bird

Griffin's favorite, the sharks

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Our little Saturday

Griffin had his very first tball game this morning.  It was pretty gloomy outside, but at least it didn't rain.  Griffin seriously did so well!   Some of the kids just daze off, but he is really focused.  He did so well. 
Number 7 and the Cutest Cub I have ever seen

#7's Number 1 fan

Home Run!

After tball, we came home, got cleaned up and then ventured out for a bit.  We went to Bass Pro Shop and Steak and Shake.

I bet he tasted sweet!

She HAD to have a pink milkshake, so Ansley and I shared a strawberry, Griff had M&M and Daddy had Butterfinger 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Safari Park

I took the kids on our first little Texas play area adventure today.  There was a groupon now for this place called Indoor Safari Park.  It is probably 5 minutes from our apartment and we have passed it a few times.  I figured we would give it a shot today.  It did not disappoint!  The kids had a blast, well worth our ten bucks!  This place has several climbing structures, trampolines, ball pits, doll houses, train tables, a train and robotic animals to ride. 

Had to pose on the pink elephant

My train conductors

Pure joy! I love this boy!!

This was Ansley's favorite spot

This was Griffin's favorite thing to do by far!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Picture Post

Here is a picture post from our road trip to TX and what we have been doing the last week or so. 
Back in NM, Little A hiding in the TV box

Griffin was SO excited that there was a pool at our hotel

Doing a little drawing on the road

Griffin and I stopped at Subway for lunch on our first day of driving

Leaving New Mexico :(

Welcome to Texas!  Everything is bigger, including the signs. 

We lucked out and Paw Paw was staying about an hour away from where Griffin and I were going to stay for the night.  So, we drove the extra hour to stay in Vernon, TX with him.  He treated us to dinner and we swam in the pool at the hotel.  It was such a fun impromptu visit.

Brother and Sister reunited after a few days apart!  Melt my heart!! 

Our stuff ended up being delayed a day, so Allied put us up in a hotel.  Ansley wanted to dress up as Tinkerbell while we stayed ANOTHER night in a hotel.

Griffin's first tball practice. He is in the blue shirt, black shorts.

First day of school
He had a project due at school today that was a poster all about him.  We had a fun time creating it. 
Griff and I also got to enjoy some In N Out Burger for the first time. 

Ansley had an eye doctor appointment here and they recommended glasses.  She is NOT happy about them.  We still need to order some.  Please note that she did the lip thing on her own. 

We had dinner at Gilly and Brent's house this past Saturday.  Ansley LOVES baby Everlee. 

A kept saying "I got you, you so sweet, etc"

Ansley had her first dance class and she did AMAZING.  She was so proud to tell Griffin what she did when we picked him up from school.  She can't wait to go back on Friday.  I took this through the little window on the door.  She is the one in black.
Pretty Ballerina