Sunday, February 24, 2013


We went to visit my Dad in Oklahoma this weekend.  Unfortunately, I did not take many pictures, but we had fun nonetheless.  We visited and helped him shop for new couches and lamps.  I definitely enjoyed helping him decorate.  ;) 
My Dad is only about 3 hours from us which is awesome!  We picked G up from school on Friday and headed straight out of town. 
Luckily these two crashed about an hour into the ride. 

Welcome to Oklahoma

Poor Paw Paw!!  He loved it though

Ansley holding Paw Paw's dog Khloe

My dad was nice enough to give us his patio furniture (yay!!) so this is our new table out back and we have a chaise lounge too! 

The kids decided to have a little dance off this evening.  We were lucky enough to video it.  What goobers!!

Then they relaxed in a super bubble bath courtesy of Daddy

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ready for Dance.... her new get up Nessa gave her!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

DiNicola Fun

Our friends Jeff and Vanessa came up from Austin with their two kiddos, Talan and Taryn, for the weekend.  Jeff had a dive meet in Keller (about 30 minutes from us) so we offered to have them stay with us.  Poor Jeff had to work the entire weekend, but V and the kids got to play! 
They even came with Valentine Gifts
Angry Birds puzzle for Griff
An ADORABLE tutu and hair bow for Ans.  Vanessa made them both!

We went to Safari Park on Saturday morning.  That place was a MAD HOUSE!  We will not be returning on a Saturday.  The kids had fun regardless.

Ryan set up the tent for the kids to play in on Saturday.  Turns out Griffin and Talan slept there Saturday night.  The girls preferred their beds.  :)

My sweet husband even babysat all 4 kids so V and I could go get a mani/pedi.  Love that man!!

We went to Ft. Wildflower this morning.  This place is the Mac Daddy of all playgrounds.  It is about 10 minutes from our house and is AMAZING!  Ansley's personal favorite, this giant swing

After we got back from the park, we had lunch then played in our backyard park!  Mr. Jeff finally got to enjoy a break from work. 


Vanessa had french braided Taryn's hair earlier in the day and Ansley asked her if she would do hers like that.  So, of course, Ms. Vanessa did.  Ansley is SO proud of her hair!

We had such a blast (as always) and can not wait to visit again soon.  SO glad they are in Austin now!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sea World- San Antonio

I have said it many times, but Sea World is my absolute favorite amusement park.  Maybe it is the shows or just the sea life, but I love it.  It turned out to be a poor weather day, cloudy with a chance of thunder storms at 2pm.  Luckily, no thunder storms, but it did drizzle all day.  Which did make it kind of gross, but it was not crowded at all (always a plus).  Sweet Papa let me wear his rain jacket since this girl did not come prepared.  Oops!!  Regardless, we had an amazing day!
So excited for Sea World

The map guy

The first show was sea lions and a big ole' walrus

Baby Shamu in the middle there


Mama riding the Shamu roller coaster.  Griffin is in there I promise, just can see the poor guy.

Trying to pet the dolphins.  They would never get close enough for us to reach. 

Turns out one of the dolphins is named Ansley too.  He was in another tank, but the lady said that if we come back this summer, she will introduce Ansley to Ansley.  I hope she remembers!! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

San Antonio

This past weekend we met up with Papa and Ms. Carol in San Antonio.  Ryan and Richard had a conference to attend Tuesday-Thursday, so the kids and I drove the 5 hours down on Thursday morning.  We stopped for lunch just north of Austin with my friend Vanessa and her daughter Taryn (they recently moved to Austin from New Mexico, yay!!!).  Thursday we just made our way to our hotel had dinner, went swimming, etc...Friday we walked the river walk and Saturday was Sea World.  It was a super fun trip!! 

So glad to be out of the car! G looks thrilled. ;)
So happy to see Papa and Ms. Carol

The River Walk

Taking the river boat taxi

We ventured to Market Street for lunch at Mi Tierra.  The mother of one of Griffin's classmates recommended it.  It was SO delicious.  A must for any San Antonio visit

It was decked out with Southwestern Flare

They had a huge selection of baked goods

My sweet sweet girl

Papa cleaning Ansley's glasses.  Poor has to be done like 12 times a day.  ;)

We decided to take the trolley back to town (Market Street was quite the walk, much longer than we expected)

We visited the Alamo

Me and my honey

Ansley HAD to do a horse and carriage ride.  It also had to be the Cinderella carriage. Melt my heart

Petting Max after our fun ride