Friday, November 22, 2013

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Shelley's mother in law volunteers at a horse ranch and offered for us to come out and feed the horses.  It was going to be a family affair, but poor Griffin has strep and Ryan is sick.  So, it ended up being a girls day.  These two had a blast. 
Sarah and Ansley (she had to wear her cowgirl hat)

Sugar trying to give them Sugar

Proof of a successful afternoon!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Monday Funday

This week's Monday Funday was at Chuck E Cheese!  Please understand my excitement.  ;)  Honestly though, we were 3 of maybe 6 people in there so we basically had the place to ourselves.  we played games and rode rides.  They had a blast.  Anything for these two. 

We had to swing by Costco to grab a couple of things after our fun and look who was there!!  The kids were SO excited.  Ansley said, "Follow that Santa."  Griffin said he was buying a TV for the elves to watch cartoons.  ;)
Santa was super sweet and told them to be good.  

Friday, November 8, 2013

Girls Days!!

Ryan had to go to Oregon for a meeting and Griffin got to tag along to spend time with Papa and Ms. Carol (Grandma Nyna is in Boston with Ryan's sister).  What a super fun adventure for Griff.  He was so excited to be able to go on a special trip with his daddy.  They left Sunday and returned Wednesday.  I do not have pictures from his adventures but I know he had so much fun. 
I do, however, have pictures of mine and Ansley's girls days! 
About to send the boys off.  Cuties!!

First stop....where else...but Target!!

She got to pick our lunch location and she chose Rainforst Cafe

We made cookies

I let her pick what she wanted to do for Monday Funday....first she said the Princess Tea Party, but then switched to the zoo.  But of course it started to poor as we were leaving the house.  So, then she changed her mind to....

Build a Bear

Meet Sequin

Shelley and Sarah came over for pjs, pizza and play one night.  Super girl time!

Ready to go to school solo

The boys flight ended getting canceled due to mechanical problems on the plane so they had to wait like 8 hours at the airport for next available flight.  So, when we picked them up from the airport it was 9pm and Ansley fell asleep in the car.  She didn't even know they were home when she woke up the next morning.  This is when Griffin came down stairs.  They were so happy to see each other!!!  MELT MY HEART!!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!!

We hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!  We sure did! 
Our trick or treaters, Luke Skywalker and A Leopard

Sarah, Ansley and Griffin

Oh My!
I LOVED Halloween in our neighborhood.  We moved in early November last year, so we didn't get to enjoy with our neighbors last year.  Shelley and I went trick or treating for a bit, then came back and sat in the drive way and handed out candy.  We left the Daddies on trick or treating duty.  Our other neighbors came over too and we had a great time.  It was such fun.  Yay, I love the south! ;)