Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Day!

Man, our kids must have been super good this year because Santa brought them exactly what they asked for (and then some). 
All their loot

LOVE this pic....pure excitement

Mama...hurry, Santa came

Griffin asked for a lego X wing

Ansley asked for Barbie and the Pony Tale

I think Daddy likes his mug!  Good thing he has a funny wife  ;)

Nana and her Winnie scarf

LOVING her Barbie camper from Grandma Nyna

Doesn't look like much, but Austin wanted that xbox one game

Daddy on the base and Ansley rocking out

Playing washer toss

We stayed in our jammies all day long and played and played. 

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve consisted of some Main Event fun and present opening.  In other words, the perfect day in the kids eyes! 
Wouldn't be Nana unless we had a photo session before we left the house

Pretty good for the timer!

Un-kee Austin and his buddies

Nana asked G to play this one game real quick before he went to do a racing game with Austin....well Griff hit the jackpot!!!  1000 tickets baby!!!

Time for some presents.  We went ahead and let them open the ones from Nana, Papa Jim, Austin and Nanny and Pa on Christmas Eve. 

awesome goodies from Nanny and Pa!!

Big Boy bike!

Doing their stamp set from Aunt Alex
 Time to get ready for Santa!!

And milk....

... in hope that St. Nicholas would soon be there!