Saturday, April 26, 2014

Prairie Trail Carnival

The elementary school that the kids will go to (which just happens to be about two blocks from our house) held their annual spring carnival last night.  It was so much fun. 
Pretty girl in her adorable outfit from Nana

Griff wanted to try out the rock climbing wall

Those "rocks" are spaced pretty far apart for my little boy.  I am so proud with how well he did.

My two little babies are in there (put on your bifocals and look seated behind the stop sign) .  I can not believe they wanted to ride this.  It twirled around and around.

Time for a corn dog

Hot dog for this hot dawg
 After dinner, Ansley had to go to the bathroom, so we went inside and also found the vendors set up in the gym.  First thing we see....
Face painting!

She was so still and patient

Pretty girl!!

Ansley and Laine
 Also at the vendor section were marshmallow guns....we got two! 
Testing out their new purchases at home.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

The Easter Bunny was super good to our kiddos.  They were excited to go through all their loot. 

 We went to our friend's house for Easter Lunch and egg hunt. 
Man on a mission

Yes, Ansley and Sarah have on the same outfit!  Had to wear the bunny outfit on Easter. 

My friend Megan gave us her left over supplies from making "Bunny Butt" cookies with her girls.  She gave me everything, cookies, icing, chocolate ball thingys.  All I had to do was facilitate the fun..... so we did it when the kids were out of school on Thursday.  Logan spent the day with us, so he got to join in on the fun.  

They ended up having more fun just decorating random parts and licking the icing off their fingers than the Bunny Butts! 

Then, this happened......

An entire bottle of pink sprinkles...Ooops!

Griffin's cavity masterpiece.  There is a cookie under all that icing. 

My Bunny Butt and Face.  Turned out pretty cute! 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ansley's Eye Surgery

We had Ansley's eye surgery Wednesday morning.  Despite Mama (and Daddy) being a nervous wreck, she did great.  She is such a brave little girl. 
Ready with Wolfie and Bunny

Playing while we wait to be called back

Her little back pack she received

They had Frozen for her to watch while taking her vitals

After some "goofy juice," she was totally chill and covered up and watched her movie. 

A little over 30 nerve wrecking minutes, we got to hang out with her in recovery.  Man, she was feisty!  The nurses mentioned it, so we were prepared.  There were other kids crying like crazy, so I would say she did pretty good.  It was so funny though; I wish I could have videoed it. 

Getting wheeled out to the car
 We did have a minor melt down once she got in the car.  She kept saying she didn't want to go home, she wanted to go to the park.  ;) Sorry Missy, we are going straight home

She traded out the fine purple glasses they gave her for mama's sunglasses.

So happy to see her Bubba!  He ended up having his very first sleepover the night before the surgery.  I am so lucky to have made good friends here.  I knew he was in amazing hands! 

Her poor eyes.  They will be red like this for at least a few weeks.  It makes my eyes water just looking at them. 
I will continue to update you on her progress.  She seems to be back to normal with the exception of her eyes being red.  We are trying to keep her on house arrest for at least a few days to avoid infection (although she is on antibiotics).  She slept so good last night (as did I).  

Doc did say that we may see a little crossing in the first week or two.  It is very common as the brain has to be retrained to not have to work so hard to keep the eyes aligned.  

She does still need her glasses because she had vision and alignment issues.  The surgery hopefully took care of the exotropia (will know in about 6 weeks) but she still is a little nearsighted.  It is funny, she loves those glasses.  It was one of the first things she wanted when she woke up from surgery. 

This was this morning (took her glasses off to take the pic)

She received this super special cookie bouquet from her BFF Sarah today.