Sunday, June 22, 2014


My boys had a little father son bonding on Saturday.  They played golf together.  This was a first and Ryan said Griffin did really well.  They were going to go again today, but it rained on their parade....literally. 

Gotta have a celebratory ice cream

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Griffin Pics

Just a couple of pics of my sweet boy...

He and his buddy Logan did a tennis camp this past week. 

Griffin received the "Funniest" award for the camp.  That's my boy!
I snapped these when were drying off at the pool.  I look over and see Griff like this...such a stud

LOVE this kid!

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Shelley and I went to Cabo this past weekend.  It was a much needed girls trip.  Just the two of us, Friday-Monday.  We stayed at the Riu Palace (which was amazing) and just enjoyed relaxing. 
When we landed, this was our view out the plane window.  I was like, did the pilot make a wrong turn and land us in New Mexico.  Seriously, looks exactly like New Mexico

But....he didn't.  Our driver greeted us with cervezas for the ride to our hotel

Our hotel at night. 

Enjoyed a little Mamma Mia one night

Shelley doing what we did best, resting and reading

Formal Dinner Night

View to the left

To the right


I totally forgot to mention that we swam with dolphins too.  We were not allowed to bring cameras so unfortunately no pics.  It was amazing!  We rode them, did tricks with them all in a small group setting (only 5 of us).  

Thursday, June 12, 2014

My Birthday

 Yesterday was my 32nd birthday.  I have to say it was amazing.  Ryan and the kids were so thoughtful.  I was Queen of the day.  
My surprise when I got up!

Griffin's sweet card had a crown in it

We went to dinner with friends and came home fore some cake.

LOVE these two!

Seriously...this child...more on her face than in her mouth ;)
He wanted his pic too...he is much better at getting the cake where it is supposed to be

Phone Pics

Here are some of the pics from my phone.  

Shelley and I took the girls to the Tea Party place last week...

Pretty Princess

This cracks me up....please please look at her face in the mirror

That's my girl

 We went back to Bonham to pick up my Grandma (she stayed with us for a few days before returning to GA).  We sure love Uncle Ed and Aunt Jeri's house.

 Griffin started golf camp with his new clubs from Grandma Nyna (an early birthday present).  He has really enjoyed it. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Aunt Gale's Bonham Pictures

I just realized I never posted the pictures from Aunt Gale's camera from our trip to Bonham.  We have since been back to get Grandma and we get her to stay with us for a few days! 
Aunt Gale, Grandma and Dad

The Fab Four

Aunt Gale had a little photo session with Ansley....LOVE this pic!

Me and my Grandma

Me and my Daddy

Four-wheeling Fun