Monday, August 25, 2014

First Day of Kindergarten

This morning was emotional for me!  Griffin is off to Kindergarten.  It seriously seems like yesterday when we brought him home from the hospital and now he is in real deal school.  

He woke up all on his own this morning.  6:15!  30 minutes before I was going to wake him up. 

Just waiting to leave

Mr. Kindergartener

We are fortunate that the school is only a couple of blocks from our house, so we are able to walk.  

The whole fam did!

Be still my heart!

I will be watching the clock until 2:45!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Meet the Teacher

Meet the Teacher was Wednesday night at Griffin's school.  I am overwhelmed with mixed emotions!  My sweet little baby boy is about to begin a new chapter in his life, but he is ready!  I have never been so sure of the decision we made a year ago to wait a year to start him.  He is so much more confident and mature.  

Kindergarten...get ready for Griffin Beals!

He found his seat right away

and his locker! 

Griffin and Mrs. York

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Big Ole Bass

 Griffin fished his little heart out this trip.  He LOVES to fish.  Especially when brim bite as soon as you put the rod in.  

Well, Papa Jim hooked him up with a worm and Griffin caught a BASS!  He (and I) was so proud. 

Griff and his giant catch!
We had to call in reinforcement....the hook got stuck in its throat. 

Luckily Uncee Austin took care of it and sent the fish back on his way. 

Papa Jim took Griff out on his fishing boat one day too. 

Nanny and Pa were able to witness the big catch too. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


We bowled one afternoon!
Papa Jim and Ansley

Nana and her favorite grandson

Uncee Austin came to visit us from college

Nana and her babies!

I gave these folks a major WHOOPIN'

Then it was off to Mexican for some white cheese dip!  YUM-O

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Barlow Fun!!

We were also able to visit several times with the Barlow side of the fam! 
Precious Camdyn!

The cousins (second cousins technically)!  Griffin, Lily, Camdyn, Madison and Ansley

Grandma and her great grand babies

Me and my grandma!

Grandma, Katie and I met up at Monkey Joe's for some fun

Sweaty Betty

We also went to Linda and Rocky's pool for some fun in the sun
Linda made delicious treats!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Nanny and Pa Fun!

We were able to visit with Nanny and Pa several times on our trip.  We always love seeing them!  

I had to make my Mama proud and do a photo session with them one day. 
Pa, Nanny and their favorite two rascals! 

 Then I decided that I needed a photo with my Nanny and Pa.  Well, this was just too funny not to share.  Our photographer was Ansley....I think she should choose a different profession or not be so trigger happy.  
Yay, the first one was cute!

Then she just kept snapping them....

That's enough Ans...

Seriously enough...

We had to call in back up (aka Griffin) to try again.  Luckily we got a couple good ones. 

All that picture taking is exhausting! 

She LOVES Pa's tractor

He does too!

Griffin sweet talking Nanny into making him some scrambled eggs

Teaching Nanny what a selfie is.  haha!