Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dallas Zoo

Yesterday, we all hit up the Dallas Zoo.  It was such a beautiful day! 

We made it just in time for the lion feeding.  AMAZING!!


 Another highlight....feeding the giraffes!

We got to see the brand new baby giraffe that was born last month

Me and my sweet girl

My monkeys

We also got to pet a snake

Three generations of Beals men

 Couldn't leave without riding the merry go round

Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday

Our black Friday consisted of chillin' at home! 
Mr. Tootles came back this year.....along with with his wife, Mrs. Tootles!! 


Possibly my favorite day ever, the day the decorations go up!

 Papa and Ms. Carol brought a kite with them from Oregon.  Like a really good kite.  We took it to the park today and had a blast. 

Flying solo!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with our little family plus Papa, Ms. Carol and Paw Paw.  It was a beautiful day so lots of family fun outside! 
Thankful for this turkey

And this one!

Me and my baby girl

Ryan decided to fry our turkey this year.  It turned out amazing!  
Papa watching the oil he up...literally.  ;)

Checking the temp

Puttin' her in!

A whole lot of deliciousness is happening in there

Ryan and his finished product!  Yum!!
My purdy table

The kids and their Grandpas

Goober wearing the napkin rings as earrings