Friday, January 30, 2015

National Championship Game

Ryan was lucky enough to watch Oregon play in the National Championship here in Dallas!!  His buddy, Travis, flew in from Oregon to go with him.  What a cool experience!!

They had to get their parking pass at the Gaylord the day before, so they took Griffin to see it all decked out in Oregon gear!

The game was at 7:30, but they had to get there early to tailgate and take in the whole experience!  
Ryan rigged the flag up on his truck!  So fun!!

Trav tailgating! 

It was so cold, they ended up putting their chairs in between the cars to block the wind. 

Ryan had to take a picture of all these guys peeing by the lake. 

They were super disappointed that Oregon lost.  But it was fun, nonetheless!  

And PS...I am also pretty impressed at the number of pictures they took!  Way to go boys!

Monday, January 26, 2015

New Years Eve

We spent New Years Eve with the Arnett's at their house. 
Cutie ready to party

We also exchanged Christmas gifts...we like to extend Christmas as long as possible

A Paw Patrol Lookout!

Griff got Cowboys gear!

Sarah loved her microphone

and scarf!

Not great pics, but we did some poppers

Mr. Niel did the polar plunge!  Crazy!!

These two partiers got tired!

But we made it til midnight at home!!  They were super excited! 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Christmas Morning

The Big Guy came!

Sky from Paw Patrol

Wii U and Mario Kart 8!!

I had to document the time the kids got us up!!

Sis and her love birds she asked Santa from

Sadie even got a few things from Santa

Hurry up and open the Wii Dad!

Time for stockings

Wild Kratts!

My sweet girl picks me out a snow globe every year. 

Daddy and his light saber grill tongs (complete with lights and sound)

What a fun day!!