Wednesday, February 18, 2015


We had such a fun Valentines this year.  I was able to go to both kids parties and we made their valentines this year again.  I showed them both a couple of options and this is what they chose.  And....thank you for pinterest!  All I have to do is print and cut them out. 

Ansley decided on bubbles. She wrote all her classmates names and hers.  I am super proud! 

Griffin decided on the parachute guy.

He had to write all his names too. 
First up was Ansley's party, look at all these sweet faces!

Especially my valentine!
 Next was Griff's was in the gym like the Holiday Party.  Super fun!!
First up was "You're a Knockout," like a bean bag toss.  

Look at that form

Next they had to stack candy hearts.  Not sure what was more fun, the stacking or running back and sliding!  Action shot above!

Griff and his girlfriends, Lilah and Chloe

The snack station was pretty fun too! 
 On Valentine's morning, we gave them a few little treats.

Valentine's may be their new favorite holiday! Party at school, treats from Mom and Dad and $$ in the mail from Grandma Nyna, Nana and Nanny and Pa!!  ;)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Girls Getaway!

 A few girlfriends and I went to Dallas for the night a few weekends ago.  It was such a fun getaway!  We went to a place called Dry Bar before we went to dinner.  Not something I would normally do, but a fun treat and experience nonetheless. 
We had appetizers and drinks before our hair do's. 
 For those who have never heard of Dry Bar, it is a place where they wash and blow out your hair.  They have several styles to choose from (straight, curly, wavy, big, etc)
We certainly enjoyed every minute of the scalp massage!

Bri getting all fan-cee!

Kristi went for the southern comfort style.  Big Hair!

So did Shelley!  Looks beautiful!

Lindsay getting all styled

Bri went for the Straight Up style

The After!  So funny, mine looks almost exactly the same as it did before.  Regardless, it was super fun!!
Dinner at Ocean Prime was were the drinks! 

After we decided to chill at the hotel and just chat!  Such a fun group of women!  So thankful they are in my life!!