Sunday, March 29, 2015

Wild Life Safari

 On Saturday of our GA trip, the kids, Nana and I went to Wild Life Safari.  We had the best time.  It was super fun!  The animals just came right up to our van and would eat the food right out of your hand. 

Nana the chauffeur!

Horsey needs a toothbrush!


 After the tour we ventured to the other section.

Sis wanted me to send this pic to Daddy and tell him she wanted this for her bday.  ;)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

5 year well check

Miss Thang had her 5 year well check yesterday.  She's as perfect as can be!  Her stats are as follows:

Weight:47 lbs, 80th percentile
Height: 44.5 inches. 85th percentile

She is still growing like crazy.  She grew just shy of 4 inches again this year.  Holy cow!  She ties a couple others as the tallest in the class. 

Ansley continues to be such a sweet. smart, independent young lady who always puts her Ansley spin on things.  I hope she never loses her desire to be her own person.  She also tends to be a bit shy around strangers but that is not always a bad thing.  Her teacher was super surprised to hear that she is shy, so I guess perhaps some of it is a show for mom and dad.  :) 

As she approaches Kindergarten next year, my heart is happy and sad.  She is totally ready for it, but it is my baby girl. Mark my words, big things are in store for this gal! 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ansley's 5th Birthday Party

Ansley decided to have a cooking party this year to celebrate her birthday.  She loves to help me in the kitchen, so it was perfect!!  Young Chefs Academy was awesome!  They did everything...the invitations, gift bags, etc.  It was difficult for me to not have to do anything.  ;) 

The kids made pizza (dough and all) and decorated cupcakes and chef hats while the pizza baked.  The gals that hosted it did amazing.  They really exceeded my expectations.  They were constantly teaching the kids things like why you do something and what tools they used, etc.  Super cool!!
The invitation

Chef ready to cook!
Paw Paw came down for the festivities

The Fab Four

Aunt Britney came too!!

Ansley and her sweet friend Kennan

I guess I did do a little something...I brought some mini cupcakes (ready made from the store) and popcorn for the parents. 

Calling all Chefs...line up behind the birthday girl

Love this pic of Kennan, Ansley and Sarah

All these precious little girls learning about measuring, sifting and leveling off their flour

The "big boys" had fun too!  Griffin and his buddy Logan

Birthday girl measuring

Smelling the yeast and learning what it does

Working out the pizza dough

Twinnies...Luca and Larkin

Spread the sauce

Add an obscene amount of cheese

Add the pepperonis if you like

Sweet Landon, he is the only boy in Ansley's class. 

Time to decorate the chef hat

Silly Sarah

Birthday Baby girl


Time to sing!

Make a wish