Wednesday, June 24, 2015


My 33rd birthday was on the 11th!  My sweet family was so sweet in celebrating me. 
With two of my favorite people


Ryan and the kids decorated the kitchen.  It was SO sweet!

My fabulous birthday present!

A few of my girlfriends took me for a birthday lunch
We had to celebrate a bit.  It was my birthday after all!  ;)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ansley's Dance Recital

Our little dancer had her recital not too long ago.  She did so great!  And looked so stinkin' cute!!  Her dance was to "Sea Cruise."  Big mom fail....I thought I videoed it but I actually didn't. :(

Sarah and Ansley

I'd let her take me on a sea cruise any day!

Her class

Sweet Daddy brought her flowers

LOVE this picture of my babies!

Love my family!

Monday, June 8, 2015

All Star Weekend

Griff had his first tournament this weekend! It was SO much fun, much more intense than rec baseball.  He was AMAZING!  Seriously, this kid ROCKED 2nd base, catching fly balls, tagging outs, etc.  He loved it and we loved it!  We are all excited for the tournament next weekend. 
My all star

Cooling off for a bit

Sweet Sis watching her Griff!  She loves it as much as we do.

He got to be pitcher for an inning. 

Paw Paw even got to catch the two games on Saturday

Paw Paw and his favorite grandkids ;)

The Fab 5!
Ansley and Laine being the best little sisters

I heart number 77!!

Jake, Logan and Griffin....all three from the Cubs
My practicing all-star

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Griffin's Last Day of Kindergarten

Griffin had his last day of kindergarten last week!  This year has flown by!  He has amazed us yet again.  He has grown SO much!  His maturity, ready, writing, kindness, etc.  He is just awesome!  Griffin received the "Best Leadership" and "Most Helpful" awards in his class.  We could not be more proud!!
Nervous smile vs confident smile
My assistant at Griff's end of the year party!
Jump rope queen

Enjoying a snow cone with his classmates

I can not believe this guy will be in first grade! He is beyond ready for the challenge and I am excited to see him grow next year.  Until then......let's enjoy the SUMMER!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Sadie

 Monday (6/1) marked Sadie's first birthday.  Of course the kids wanted to celebrate a bit, so we made pupcakes for her! 

Ohh that smells good!!!
Bless her sweet little heart!  Ansley wanted her to look like a princess on her birthday!!

And by Happy New Year....we mean Happy Birthday..... hahahaha

They each picked out a gift for her

 Sadie loved both

Happy Birthday!!  Perhaps mama let her get a bit too close to the candle. OOPS!! 
She LOVED it!! 

And Ansley did too!!