Saturday, October 31, 2015

"Costume" Party

Ansley randomly decided she wanted to have a costume party with Sarah.  So we picked a day, Sarah came home after school with us and costume party.  It was pretty cute, they only dressed up in one thing and then played the whole time.  I did have a few fun things planned for them to do.  What's a party without a coupled themed out activities....
Their selected costumes...please note, the one Ansley is wearing was my dance costume back in the day.  That thing is ancient! 

We decorated pumpkin cookies

Of course Big Brother wanted to participate too (not in the costumes, just the activities)!

Then we made funny face pumpkins with the cool parts Nanny gave us!!


Griffin's new baseball team is AMAZING!  I mean, our other one was really great too, but we have been so pleasantly surprised by how awesome it is.  The coaches, the families, the players are all great!  We have really enjoyed playing tournament ball this season. Here are just a few pictures from a few of the tournaments. 

G is the one about to catch the ball

Making the play to first

I missed the last pic, but he did get the batter out at first.  What-what!!

This baseball sis loves going to her brother's games!
At one of the tournaments, Griffin was selected by his coaches to receive a character award.  They said he is always such a great teammate to everyone.  Makes a mama SO proud!! 

Go Rattlers!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

WOW Students

I am beyond proud that BOTH kids were selected by their teachers as the first WOW student.  A WOW (Wrangler of the Week) student is basically like student of the month, but only one student is selected from each class every 9 weeks (so only 4 a school year).  

Ryan and I got to attend a breakfast honoring the WOW students.  It was so nice to hear the positive words their teachers had to say about them.  These two are the best!!