Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Christmas Day!

Santa came!  Our kiddos must have been pretty good, because they racked up from the big guy!
Their loot
Griffin's....got the two things he asked for (and a few more) a new bat and a cowboys baseball helmet

Ansley got her Chubby Puppies and purple unicorn she wished for

LOVE this pic!  Pure excitement

Some of the pic are a bit blurry, too much excitement, but you can still see the joy!

Not so sure how he feels about the cup Santa brought.  hehe

Sadie girl on her new bed
 Time for stockings

Poor Daddy, gets put straight to work! 

 Let's open presents!

Des Bryant jersey...one happy boy!

Mermaid Blankie Tail

Please see the bomb that went off behind them.  Haha

Loving their gifts from Papa and Ms. Carol

The Claw

She LOVED this dress from Nana and Papa Jim, seriously wore it for like 3 days in a row

When it is 75 degrees on Christmas day, you practice baseball outside with your new gift

Paw Paw even came down on Christmas day to play with all the new goodies! 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we had fondue for dinner.  Growing up that was a tradition in Ryan's family, so we decided to adopt it.  The kids really dug it!  They thought it was super cool. 

Ryan gave me a gift early...a selfie stick.  I was excited to be in a picture!  ;)

Then of course we had to play around with it.  Goobers

 After dinner, we changed in our jammies and put out our reindeer food

 We decided to let them open their gifts from Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Chris...
Not without a few cute pics first

Griff received Mille Bournes.  Ryan played this as a kid and has introduced Griffin to this on the iPad (1,000 miles is the app).  Great gift guys!  This has been the most used gift of the season!

Sis was pretty pumped about her horse Flipsies!!
 Getting their special cookies we saved for Santa

Can't forget the reindeer