Monday, February 29, 2016


Our baseball season has officially begun!  We've had tournaments the past two weekends.  The boys did amazing!  They WON the first tournament and got SECOND in the other.  AMAZING!  I did manage to snap some pictures. 
Baseball ready!

LOVE #7!

Poor sis....she's a trooper but it was cold and misting last weekend.  She was done! 
Caught a video of this double!

Rattlers for the WIN!! 

Doing the DAB

Griff and his number one fan!

Most of the Rattler mamas!
 For our tournament this weekend, we played two games Saturday and 3 Sunday.  We had a short break between Sunday games so most of the team met at Fuzzys for lunch.

 Rattlers place second!

Loving their bling!
Griffin and Coach Tony



Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New Glasses

Ansley had her usual 6 month eye doctor appointment last week.  She has having a difficult time reading the letters, so they went ahead and checked her vision (they usually only do it once a year and we just had it done in August).  Turns out, her vision has changed a bit, so it was time for some new glasses.  And honestly, we have had the current one for about two years, so it was time to upgrade!  

Since they had to dilate her eyes, I didn't make her go back to school.  Instead, we spent the remainder of the day searching for new glasses.  

Had to rock Mommy's sunglasses because of the dilation. 
 Maybe I am crazy, but if girlfriend has to rock these glasses all the time, we like to see what our options are, so we looked at several locations.  As you can imagine, there was a little mama/daughter quarrel on which glasses.  I suppose I should just let her pick, but you will see some of her fine choices below.  In the end, we compromised.  She picked one and I picked one.  ;)  

She's pretty excited to have two options to match her daily outfit!

Some of the ones we tried on.....

Not a fan of these that Mama had her try on

Sorry girlfriend...not gonna happen!

Bless her....she got mad at me when I told her she looked like a Grandma in these.  Hahaha!

Yeah, one of her picks again...

I took her to dinner after our day of fun at her choice...Mellow Mushroom!
 So after all that are our picks!  They just came in today!!
Her choice...super sassy! 

She looks so grown up in these!

Mama's choice...a good classic!