Saturday, June 25, 2016

Orange Beach!!!

After all our fun in GA, we headed to Orange Beach, AL.  Our great friends, the Arnett's, met us there.  It was their first time seeing the white sandy beaches of AL.  They loved it!!  My mom's good friend rented us her AMAZING condo.  We all had a great time!!
Ahh....the BEACH!!

Caught a minnow


Three amigos

 One evening, we went for dinner and go karts. 
Of course, Griff wins TWO things from the claw machine.  This kids has skills!

Daddy and Griff in front of the girls

Not for long!!

Bumper Boats

They were soaked!

I got my boy this time!!

Horse shoes with Sarah

Ansley could have done this all day long! 

Griff getting buried

Those girls have no idea what is going on behind them.  They would have been so jealous  ;)

Floating in the lazy river...please notice the random legs under him

Surprise...its Ansley

My personal favorite

We met up with my mom to pick up our other family member...Sadie!  Then headed back to TX from there. 


Thursday, June 16, 2016

Barlow Fun!

During our time, we had a Barlow get-together at my cousins house.  We celebrate June birthday's  (Mine, Aunt Gale and Dana) like the good ole days. 
Ansley cruisin' around with Camdyn

Silly string fight!!

LOVE this!  Get him sis!

Happy Birthday to us!

Grandma and her 3 out of 4 grandkids (missing Britney)

Grandma and her greats!